Поздравления на английском ящыке с днем рождения

Now that the vacation season is well under way, I suppose you are having a very free and easy time. My lot is not so pleasant, for I am obliged to stay at home and prepare for the entrance поздравления на английском ящыке с днем рождения to the University. I get up at seven o’clock and study an hour before breakfast. Then I continue my work until dinner time.

After dinner, which is usually at 3 p. I have a nap, and if it is clear I go out for a little exercise. In the evening I read my text-books until it is time to go to bed. Hoping to hear from you soon. Your nice postcard has reached me safely. I have duly noticed your change of address and made a note of it in my address book. As to me I haven’t much news to tell you except that I may be going to Britain for a month or so in the autumn. You’ll be hearing from me about it in the near future.

Thank you very much for the letter you sent me in August. I was very pleased to know that you are well. Hope to see you next year. Could you please send me the books you mentioned during your stay in St. I would be very much obliged because I need them for my work. I shall be in London for a couple of days next month, and I was wondering if we could meet together. It has been such a long time since we met and I am very anxious to hear how things are with you. If this would suit you I suggest we meet at the entrance to my hotel, which is «Armour Inn», at 12.

Please let me know if this is convenient for you. Since I last wrote to you we have visited Washington, New York and we are scheduled to go to Philadelphia as well. Our trip has been very enjoyable. While in Washington we went to see the Museum of Modem Art and afterwards to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In Washington I was much impressed by the size end magnificence of the Capitol. I wish you had come with us, but we are soon scheduled to return, and then I can tell you all about the trip. Обзор главных праздников России на английском языке с переводом на русский.

Holidays of Russia in English Holidays in Russia are numerous. People love them, it’s time to spend with family and friends, to pay tribute to the traditions or to glorify the Fatherland. March 8, is the same labor Day. Day, the Day of the policeman, etc. In recent years more and more holidays are becoming more international, and state special collection days is also updated.

But which of them are most important? New year For many, he is the most important even of the year. About the children and say nothing. Birthday and New year’s favorites that they would not miss. Is a family holiday, with a Christmas tree, the President’s speech, a champagne and gifts.

Earlier, when the holiday came to Russia, it is celebrated not in winter and spring, thus calculating the beginning of the new year. However, it was later moved to January. Day Of Russia One of the most striking political developments of the last decades. And no matter how much time passed before Russia is the twelfth of June for her birthday. It was then in 1990 it became independent. And millions of people who lived in the Soviet Union with trepidation, remember this day. The unity of the people It celebrated from 1649 until the beginning of the revolution of the 17th.

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