Прикольные поздравления с днем рождения брату от брата в картинках

На нашем сайте собраны прикольные поздравления с днем рождения брату от брата в картинках шутки с переводом. Читаем, улыбаемся, а может даже и смеемся! Taking a walk in a park a colonel of a rather gloomy disposition saw a lieutenant of his regiment in civilian clothes with a young lady.

Having noticed the colonel from a distance, the lieutenant hid himself behind a tree. Why did I see you yesterday evening in the park in civilian clothes? Because the tree was not thick enough, Sir, — answered the lieutenant. Прогуливаясь в парке, один суровый полковник увидел лейтенанта своего полка в гражданской одежде с молодой особой. Издали заметив полковника, лейтенант спрятался за дерево.

Почему я видел вас вчера вечером в парке в штатском? Потому, что дерево было недостаточно толстым, сэр, — ответил лейтенант. Why did you leave your last job? The company relocated and they didn’t tell me where. Почему вы оставили предыдущее место работы? Компания переехала и не сообщила мне куда.

Once a young man went shopping and bought himself a pair of trousers. When he got home, he went to his bedroom and tried them on. He found they were far too long. He went downstairs where his mother and his two sisters were waiting for dinner. The new trousers are too long?

Would any of you be so kind and do it for me, please? As soon as dinner was over and his mother had shortened the trousers to the same size as his old ones. It happened that she did not mention about it to her daughters. She was a kind-hearted person and wanted to do him a favour, so she considerably shortened the trousers. Returning home from the cinema, the younger sister suddenly remembered what her brother asked them. So she hurried upstairs and cut a piece off each leg of the new trousers.

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