Сочинение на тему поздравления дня рождения

Как у многих других, у нее есть сочинение на тему поздравления дня рождения праздники. В этом разделе сайта размещена статья на тему праздников Великобритании на английском языке с переводом. Holidays in Britain in English England is a country rich in history and culture. Like many others, she has her own holidays.

Holidays that you need to work, and has not been canceled, but the solemn speeches and other events are subject. Holidays for banks As you know, banks around the world have a rest in holidays and weekends. In the UK public holidays also known as Bank weekends or holidays. The relevant law was adopted in 1871. It displays days when banks are closed. Then they had a 4 year. If the day fixed output will have on a Saturday or Sunday, it will be postponed to Monday, respectively.

The employers in this pay weekend and those included in the number of vacation days. New year One of the most important holidays in the country, traditionally marked on 1 January. It is considered a warm family holiday. Britons young and old make plans for the New year, make a wish. And solemnly promise ourselves something or other. In London held a colorful parade with dancers in beautiful costumes, acrobats. Twelfth night Notes on 5 January after the New year so to speak.

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